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The Estate of Simon Black is represented by Bridgeman Images for copyright and reproduction as part of Bridgeman Artists' Copyright Service (BACS).

Please contact Lucy Innes Williams at Bridgeman Images for copyright and reproduction requests: lucy.inneswilliams@

For sales enquiries please contact Raina Sheridan using the form on the Contact page.

Forthcoming exhibition - Memory:Intuition
18th March to 30th March 2018
For more information visit:
Memory:Intuition exhibition London 2018

We are crowdfunding to make this exhibition a success and to raise money for the Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead. If you would like to contribute click on the link below! We can't do it without you. Any contribution will help, no matter how small. Thank you!
Link to contribute to the Crowdfunding

"His paintings portray figures from everyday life ... yet he is always alert to how surprisingly elusive, enigmatic and humorous supposedly ordinary people and situations can be."

Philip Vann (Artists & Illustrators Magazine, Feb 2005)

Simon Black was a professional artist, whose career encompassed a wide range of media including watercolours, etchings, drawings, oils and acrylics. His figurative paintings are highly contemporary, yet maintain a foothold in more timeless traditions of image making.